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Aikido is a Budo that deflect force of the attacker and off-balance, and then throws or hold down the opponent on the floor.
Aikido does not require any undue force, so anyone can start practicing at any time.
Aikido is not only an excellent budo and self-defense technique, but it is also called “moving Zen”.
Aikido is a great way to step away from the daily grind, to get rid of unnecessary distractions, to eliminate the wanderings of the mind, and to reevaluate oneself.
If you want to learn self-defense or if you are looking for energy in your busy life, why not learn aikido with us? The program can be mastered step by step according to each person’s physical strength. No need to worry even if you are a beginner or have no experience. We will instruct you in a friendly and detailed manner.


Dojo nameYoshinkan Aikido Soryu
RepresentativeAkira Mitsuhashi
Official sitehttps://aikido-soryu.org/

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