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Company Profile

Company Name BAB Japan Co., Ltd.
Address 1-30-11 Sasazuka Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0073 JAPAN
TEL +81-3-3469-0135
Founded November 27, 1986
Main Business Our company is a publishing company that publishes “Monthly HIDEN” magazine about Japanese martial arts in JAPAN.

We also publish books, DVDs and e-books related to martial arts, and also conduct planning and operation of video distribution websites, seminar business.

In addition to the publication of magazines, we are doing multimedia publishing activities making the most of the features of each media.

We launched BUDOJAPAN.com so that overseas fans can get to know these information of Japanese martial arts and Japanese culture.



Contact https://budojapan.com/contact/

Our Medias

“Monthly HIDEN” Magazine

“Monthly HIDEN” is a martial arts magazine that introduces “the wisdom of the body” transmitted from the old age. This magazine introduces Japanese martial arts such as Jiu-Jitsu, Kenjitsu, Iaido and weapons, modern martial arts such as Aikido, Kendo, Judo and Karate, and self-defense and physical development method from the world’s old martial arts.


On the official website “WEB HIDEN” of the magazine, we are disseminating various information such as latest news on martial arts in Japan, pictures and movie galleries, Japanese dojo and event schedule, our company publications and so on.(This site supports English, French, German and other languages by google translation. Please visit our website)