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Our company is a publishing company that publishes “Monthly HIDEN” magazine about Japanese martial arts in JAPAN.

We also publish books, DVDs and e-books related to martial arts, and also conduct planning and operation of video distribution websites, seminar business.

In addition to the publication of magazines, we are doing multimedia publishing activities making the most of the features of each media.

We launched BUDOJAPAN.com so that overseas fans can get to know these information of Japanese martial arts and Japanese culture.

On WEB HIDEN.jp, “Monthly HIDEN” magazine official website, you can see many articles, pictures, videos on this website that are not fully featured on BUDOJAPAN.com yet.
WEB HIDEN.jp is translatable by Google(English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese)

Hopefully everybody will enjoy BUDOJAPAN.com and WEB HIDEN.jp too.

The website also sells magazines, books and DVDs(Only Japanese Edition) and we can send our products to your country if you want to purchase these products. Please read the instructions “How to Order.

Contents of WEB HIDEN.jp

  • Topics

    Latest news, HIDEN magazine related articles, such as WEB HIDEN original article, also sprinkled photos and videos.
  • Gallery

    It has published a HIDEN magazine photos and videos taken at the time of interview.
  • Master

    It is an indispensable talking about HIDEN magazine, is a corner to introduce the master.
  • Dojo Guide in Japan

    You can find many Dojo in Japan and search by prefecture or category on this corner.
  • Events guide in Japan

    Guidance Demonstration meetings and conventions, events, seminars information.

Our Products

Please note that there is only a Japanese language version, on “WEB HIDEN.jp” (Magazines, DVDs, Books).
The Region Code of DVDs are Free World Wide.

We can send our products to your country if you want to  purchase these products. Please read the instructions “How to Order“.

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