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1. Find the product you want on WEB HIDEN.jp

2. Order by e-mail
Please send us the product name, quantity, name, zip code, address, and phone number.After receiving your order by e-mail, we will inform you of the product price and shipping charges.

3. Settlement
The settlement is by PAYPAL. Please confirm the charge. If it is OK, send the total charge to our Paypal account please.
Our Paypal account is shop@bab.co.jp

After confirming your payment via PayPal, we will ship your items (by EMS). We inform you of your package number after the shipment is completed.

You can track the status of your package on the post office website here.

Please note that there is only a Japanese language version, on “WEB HIDEN.jp” (Magazines, DVDs, Books).
The Region Code of DVDs are Free World Wide.

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