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The content of the training includes “Sonoba (training on the spot)”, “Idou (training with movement)”, “Kata,” and “Sotai (Relative Movement)”.
After acquiring basic physical techniques, students proceed to the weapon techniques.
Later, students also learn “Torite”, a technique that renders opponents unable to resist without harming them.
This martial art is designed to be used in battle against a large number of enemies. Therefore, it is based on the use of two swords, and the techniques are performed while walking at all times.

Training date and time / Location

Sundays 9:00 - 11:00 (sometimes until 12:00) Practice Location: Miyoshi Town General Gymnasium, Chikumazawa Community Center, Chuo Community Center, Fujikubo Community Center, or Fujikubo 4th Ward Meeting Place (see website)


Dojo nameMotobe-ryu Udun bujutsu Shudo-kan Masuda dojo
RepresentativeChihiro Masuda
Official sitehttps://shudokan.webnode.jp/

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