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We have moved to Hyogo Prefecture.
We practice kenjutsu, iaijutsu, bojutsu, sojutsu, jujutsu, etc.

Training date and time / Location

Practice Location Multipurpose room in Inagawa Town B&G Ocean Center 1-1-27 Fushimidai, Inagawa-cho, Kawabe-gun, Hyogo This facility will be reserved at 800 yen per hour, so if you contact us in advance, our representative will hold the place for you. Example: Saturday afternoon 18:00-19:00 *We currently do not practice throwing weapons such as shuriken and bows.


Dojo nameSeiou-ryu Bujutsu
RepresentativeTakaho Nishio
Official sitehttps://seiouryu.wixsite.com/seiouryu

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