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Senkendo is a self-defense budo that originated in Japan.
Practice is available in Suita City, Ibaraki City, Higashi-Osaka City, Toyonaka City, Higashinari-ku, Osaka City, and many other locations.

The class focuses on a variety of kicking and hand techniques, as well as throwing, self-defense, acrobatics, and a wide range of other techniques.
Kumite is also practiced in a light contact system with protective gear, The emphasis is on accuracy of techniques rather than on knocking down opponents, so that students can safely become strong.

We are an organization that not only focuses on developing strength, but is also active in forming the “right mind” and “kindness” that are so important in budo. We are committed to the healthy upbringing of youth.

Training date and time / Location

Monday: Higashiyamada 19:00- Tuesday: Higashi-Osaka 17:30 - (first half), 19:00 - (second half) Wednesday: Takemidai 19:00~ Thursday: Shin-Senri-Kitamachi 18:00~ Tamatsukuri: 6:30pm~ Friday: Ibaraki City: 19:00~ Saturday: Shin-Senri-Nishimachi 9:30~, Kishibe: 14:00~, Suita: 19:45~ Sunday: Tsugumodai: 9:00~


Dojo nameGeneraI Incorporated Association Nihon Senkendo Federation
RepresentativeMasato Komatsu
Official sitehttps://www.senkendo.org/

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