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At Nihon Butokuin, students begin with Reiho, followed by zazen and meditation to prepare the mind, and then practice with a sword.
Practice includes kata and shizan.
In kata practice, students learn how to handle the sword and how to use their bodies.
In shizan, students will slash a Karishime with a unified mind and body.
In addition, students will also have a lecture on the Japanese sword, balancing both skill in handling the sword and appreciation of the sword.

Training date and time / Location

Yokohama Dojo Location: Budojo of Tofukuin Temple of Shingon Buddhism Address: 64 Honmoku Arai, Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture Practice time and date: Every Wednesday from 18:00 Tokyo Dojo Location: Community Center in Meguro-ku, Tokyo *Please contact us from the dojo website as the location changes from week to week. 1st and 3rd week Sundays from 18:00


Dojo nameNihon Butokuin Shizan Iaido
RepresentativeYuta Kurosawa
Official sitehttp://www.butokuin.jp/

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