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Practice Content
Huang Xiangxian Taijiquan (as handed down by Mr. Liu Gongqing and Mr. Patrick Kelly).
Zhengzi Taijiquan (as handed down by Mr. Wang Chingyuan).
Okada style seiza-ho (as handed down by Kuwabara Iwao Sensei).

Together with my comrade from Southeast Asia and Europe, I am exploring “taiji itself,” also known as Raja Yoga, through Kata and Suishu.
In addition to my website, I have a blog, “The Home of Taiji”.

Training date and time / Location

Currently, mostly Sunday mornings.
(Sometimes on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.)
Practice is about one hour.
At a public facility in Setagaya Ward.


Dojo nameHome of Tai-ji
RepresentativeIchiro Narusawa

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