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This is a practice group for the traditional bujutsu (iai) which has been passed down in Aomori Prefecture. After receiving permission from the president to teach, I have been holding practice group in Saitama.
We practice iai, which is the use of a long sword of 3 shaku 3 sun, and kobujutsu-like body manipulation techniques.

Students are allowed to join or leave during the class time.
We practice according to your interest and physical strength.

We will practice calmly and safely, but please be aware that you are responsible for any injuries that may occur.

Training date and time / Location

Practice mainly on Saturdays and Sundays Location: Gymnasium in Higashimatsuyama city Details will be posted on X (Twitter) or on our blog.


Dojo nameHiromae-han-den Hayashizaki Shin Muso-ryu Iai Saitama practice group
Official sitehttps://hayasizaki.wixsite.com/okayamakeikokai

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