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Reimei-ryu Karatedo Reimeikensha was founded in January 1992 by Keisuke Konishi, a former Gensei-ryu Karatedo shihan, as a karate group with no upper organization.
Our slogans are “Karate is not a sport, but a budo”, “Anyone can become a master”, and “The right age is when you want to do it”.
We have three dojos: the Hombu dojo at the Tokiwadaira Gymnasium in Matsudo City, the Rikodai dojo under direct control, and the Funabashi branch, where about 60 people train according to their needs and levels. We welcome people who have experience in other styles and organizations, as well as seniors! For more information, please visit our website!

Training date and time / Location

Matsudo City Tokiwadaira Gymnasium Mondays (closed on the 4th), Fridays 19:00~21:00 Matsudo City Tobu Civic Center Tuesdays 18:00~20:00, Saturdays 18:00~21:00 Funabashi Takanedai Bunka Kindergarten Wednesdays, Saturdays 19:00~21:00


Dojo nameReimei-ryu Katatedo Reimeikensha
RepresentativeKeisuke Konishi
Official sitehttps://www.reimeikarate.club

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