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The purpose of Kodo training is to call back the power of Ki, which the Japanese have prioritized over muscles for more than 800 years, and to make the whole body “Aiki-tai”, a body full of Ki.
In doing so, our bujutsu instantly takes away the opponent’s will to fight and his freedom.
When you become “Aiki-tai”, you will feel refreshed in mind and body, and your hidden potential will be unlocked.

You can learn aikido at ease, regardless of your age.

Training date and time / Location

12-5 Hanaen-cho, Bofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan Reservations required, private tutoring 9:30-20:30


Dojo nameDaito-ryu Aiki jujutsu Hikarido Bofu branch
RepresentativeKatsutoshi Abe
Official sitehttps://hikariaiki.amebaownd.com/

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