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Unpredictable and Phantasmagoric Movement
Relentless Pursuit of Bujutsu and Physical Training

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Flying through the sky like a dragon.
Running through the ground like a tiger.

Hoshimi ASAI of Asai-ryu Muchi Ken(whip and fist) Karate, who attracted a big attention with the demonstration of the techniques of the legendary Karate master Tetsuhiko ASAI. Hoshimi ASAI carefully explains the training methods and practical applications of Muchi Ken that combines speed and power and phantasmagoric kicking techniques.

1) Basic Training of Relaxing and Linkaging
2) Starting Motion as a Technique … Training of Body Operation
3) Training of Legs and Hip … To Operate Legs Freely and Strongly
4) Training of in Air Balancing … Pulling and Rotating Poking
5) Muchi Ken …. Unpredictable Striking
Muchi Ken …Training Method by Pair
Muchi Ken … Application Examples
6) Kicking Techniques … Phantasmagoric Attacking
Kicking Techniques … Application Examples

Instructed/supervised by Hoshimi ASAI, a successor of ASAI-ryu Muchi Ken Karate Born as a daughter of legendary Karate master Tetsuhiko ASAI and Taiwanese actress Hui-ju Chen. Active as an actress and stage director. In 2015 she won the Best Action Director Award at the JAPAN ACTION AWARDS using her special skills as a martial artist. In the Manga “AZUMI”, she also serves as a martial arts instructor and a martial arts model for the main character Azumi. Hakutsuru Ken Kyoren, Jodo 4th Dan. Producer of the entertainment unit “BEAT PARADOX”.

Filmed with the cooperation of Yuichi TAKAMORI, Takaharu OIKAWA, Angella
Hair Make up: Nobuko OKUNO
Thanks to Taka Kitagawa (Systema Tokyo), Shin TSUKII(World Karate Academy), Hiroshi ICHIHARA (Beat Paradox), Charles Lee, Edward FUJIWARA, Tomohiko ASAI
Specially cooperated by Teatre Academy

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