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Born in Okinawa the nunchaku is a weapon and an art.
Learn its blindingly speed and explosive power!
A traditional Okinawan weapon, nunchaku became famous in the hands of Bruce Lee. Mukei Mugen-ryu founder, Hiroki has systematized its use focusing on how to bring down the opponent and explaining it in full detail. His instruction demonstrates the profound one-strike-one-kill capabilities hidden in the weapon’s splendid techniques.

VOD :Nunchaku Dojo by Nunchaku Artist Hiroki

Hiroki (founder of Mukei Mugen-ryu)
He entered the martial arts’ world at a very young age after being fascinated and inspired by Bruce Lee. Focusing on the art of nunchaku, he created Mukei Mugen-ryu based on the idea of maximizing the potential of bringing down the opponent through flexible thinking, free of form and limitations. In a continuous effort to teach and disseminate the art he created, he has appeared many times on History Channel, Fuji TV’s “”The Best House 123″” and in DDT Pro-Wrestling events.