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Pursuit of Budo Karate Pinan 2nd Dan Kata of Wado-ryu

An Important Kata that Summarizes the Essential Fundamentals of Karate

Wado-ryu Karate continues to evolve in its own unique way. All the movements of the compulsory Kata are explained in detail.

The 3rd Souke Hironori OTSUKA, supreme Shihan, explains that the founder of Wado-ryu 1st Souke Hironori OTSUKA exchanged the order to master for Pinan Kata and started to let master Pinan 2nd Dan first for the trainee.

In Wado-ryu, which believes in efficient use of the body and fast, precise techniques, Pinan 2nd Dan Kata is the foundation for all movements.

This DVD will provide a detailed explanation of the Pinan 2nd Dan Kata in Wado-ryu by the 3rd Souke of Wado-ryu, supreme Shihan Hironori OTSUKA.

Pinan Kata contains five basic forms that are popular in the Shuri-te style.

Instructed and Supervised by Hironori OTSUKA, the 3rd Souke of Wado-ryu Karate

He was born in 1965 as a grandson of the founder of Wado-ryu. From his childhood he learned Iai, then learned wrestling and Judo during his high scholl days. When he was a university student he started learning Karate.

After studying in the United States, he moved to France, where he taught Karate in various countries for 10 years. In 2015, he succeeded the 3rd Souke of Wado-ryu. He published a book "Wado-ryu Karate-do" and DVD titled "Kumite of Behind" by BAB Japan Corp. He is a member of the Japan Kobudo Promotion Society and the Japan Kobudo Association.

Cooperated by Sanda Atsushi, Tomitaka Katsuhisa, Rogier van der Velde

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Improve the quality of technique and gives practitioners the ability to break their opponent's center of gravity and maximize the power of their strikes from a close range!!

Wado-Ryu boasts a rich history of its own and has evolved as a unique style of Budo. It incorporates a mix of Ju-Jutsu and elements of Ken-Jutsu and Okinawan Karate, distinguishing itself from other Karate styles.

Ura-no-Kumite is one of the manifestation of the unique nature of Wado-Ryu. In this DVD, the Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Third Generation Grandmaster Hironori Otsuka walks us through each of the 24 Ura-no-Kumite combinations in great detail.

Unlike competition Karate training, this unique method of traditional Budo practice has only been taught to practitioners in the Honbu Dojo in Tokyo. The training showed in this DVD focuses on cultivating precision of technique and impact of striking by utilizing inner muscle groups and the body to generate power efficiently. This method is based on principles of anatomy and is explained here in an easily-understood manner.

The training shown here also aims to improve the quality of technique and gives practitioners the ability to break their opponent's center of gravity and maximize the power of their strikes from a close range.

Wado-Ryu pursues the rationality and essence of technique. It is useful for building core strength and fostering efficient movement that can be applied in any martial art, regardless of the style or discipline.

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Master OTSUKA Hironori (2nd Soke)'s valuable video work!