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Precious videos of the legendary Judo masters!!

In this DVD the historical videos of Judo after W.W.Ⅱ is shown which was recorded by an American Judo Expert who once served Emperor Hirohito as a guardman. It shows precious videos of the legendary Judo masters such as Kiichiro SAMURA, Kyuzo MIFUNE, Tsunetane ODA, Kenji TOMIKI who had made the history of Kodokan.

Mr. Hal SHARP had stayed in Japan for about 10 years from 1945 and trained Judo at Kodokan while he was working as a guardman for emperor Hirohito. In this DVD the precious videos taken by Mr. SHARP are shown which includes the performance of legendary senior students of Jigoro KANO, such as Kyuzo MIFUNE, Kunisaburo IIZUKA, Sumito KOTANI, Toshiro DAIGO, Kenji TOMIKI and so on. You can watch how they performed Judo and taught it to their students with a naration of Mr. SHARP.

Those are really histrical precious videos which every Budo fan should not miss.

VOD :Senior Students of Jigoro KANO Vol.1 Judo
Performed by the Experts of Kodokan