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Performed by Yagi Meitatsu Soke(八木明達宗家)

International Meibukan was established by Meitoku Yagi who learned Karate from Chojun Miyagi, the founder of Goju-ryu Karate. Meitoku Yagi was titled as Okinawan intangible cultural property holder for “Okinawan Karate and Ko Bujutsu”. His first son Meitatsu Yagi succeeded the Ryuha as the 2nd Souke of International Meibukan and now Akihito Yagi succeded it. They have set Yagi Dojo in Naha city as the general head quarter Dojo of International Meibukan, where repreaentative is Akihito Yagi and vice representative Akihiro Yagi. Akihito Yagi continues his activities at Tokyo head quarter Dojo as well more than 70 branch Dojo in 20 countries. Instructed and edited by Akihito Yagi. Akihito Yagi was born in 1977 in Naha city Okinawa prefecture. He inherits traditional Okinawan Bujutsu and continues to promote it both in Japan and abroad. In 2007, he starred in the movie titled “KURO-OBI” and was in the limelight. Currently, he has moved to Tokyo to expand his activities.

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