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School of Usui-ryu Kappo and Kappo Shiatsu
Usui-ryu Kappo First time introduction ⇒ To the continuation course
Usui-ryu Kappo Beauty Therapy: Purino Method 3 Course
Kappo Shiatsu Course (for anma massage shiatsu practitioners and students only)
Other courses are held irregularly and at other venues.

Training date and time / Location

Attendance: by appointment only (See website for schedule) Saturday evening 19:00-21:30 Sunday morning 9:30-12:00 Sunday afternoon 13:30-16:00 Usui-ryu Kappo-First time introduction Usui-ryu Kappo Continuing Course Beauty Seitai Prino Method 3 Course Kappo Shiatsu Course (5,000 yen, 3,000 yen for students)


Dojo nameKappo Shiatsu Kenkyu-kai
Representative Gen Shoda
Official sitehttp://www.kappo-shiatsu.com/

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