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We are a dojo focused on the transmission and dissemination of koryu iaijutsu in Nagoya City. Students can learn a wide range of techniques such as Iaijutsu, Battoujutsu, Kenjutsu, Jojutsut, Taijutsu, and related self-defense techniques.
Iai is a training program to improve oneself through practice, so physical fitness and budo experience are not important. It is important to have an attitude of learning and the ability to take action.
We welcome beginners and inexperienced students of all ages and both genders, so please contact us if you are interested.
Please contact us through our website for an introduction, visit, trial, or any questions.

Training date and time / Location

Sports facilities in Nagoya City Tuesday: 18:00-21:00 Wednesday: 18:30-21:30 Saturday: 9:30-12:30 Sunday: 9:00-12:00


Dojo nameKoryu Iai dojo Rensei-kai Nagoya branch
RepresentativeTakayuki Hayashi
Official sitehttps://renseikaiiai.com

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