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This is one of the official branch dojos of Bujinkan, located in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture. We practice actual kobudo by Yoshiaki Hatsumi soke, the inheritor of the 9 schools of kobudo.
The instructor for this dojo is Rob Renner shihan (live in Japan), an excellent shihan and grand shihan who also serves as an interpreter at the Hombu dojo. The instructor is also the granddaughter of the Soke, Hiromi Renner, the highest ranking 15-dan kunoichi, who was introduced in a magazine.

Training date and time / Location

Tuesdays 11:00-13:00 Saturday 15:30-17:30 Eva Dance Studio (3 min. walk from Matsudo Station) Wednesday 11:00-13:00 Thursday 20:00-22:00 Friday 11:00-13:00 Sunday 16:00-16:00 Mabashi Oji Shrine Meeting Hall (4-minute walk from Mabashi Station)


Dojo nameBujin-kan
RepresentativeHiromi Goto
Official sitehttp://www.zeropointbujinkan.com/

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