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At Tazaki Dojo, our goal is to cultivate a “Kokki-shin” (spirit of self-discipline) through full-contact karate.

Full-contact karate is a good way to relieve daily stress, lose weight, release metabolic syndrome, and improve your physical fitness for better health.

Visitors are welcome and free trials are available anytime.

Training date and time / Location

Monday: Tobu Zaitaku Welfare Center Tuesday : Satoda Commissary Center Wednesday:Tamukae-nishi Community Center Thursday:Tobu Zaitaku Welfare Center Friday:Aeon Mall Kumamoto Saturday:Kumamoto City General Gymnasium Budo Hall


Dojo nameNihon karatedo Tasaki dojo
RepresentativeYoshiro Tasaki
Official sitehttp://tasaki-dojo.com/

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