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Hayabusa is a group led by Susumu Chino shihan, the last uchi-deshi of the late aikido master Gozo Shioda-sensei.
Chino sensei’s aikido has the strength of a martial art, but it is not practiced by brute force or forcefulness. For this reason, people of all ages and both genders are interested in his aikido and study under his instruction.
At our dojo, you can also receive regular instruction from Chino sensei.

Training date and time / Location

Every Saturday (please check our dojo website for training times) Nishi-Tokyo City Budojo, 2F judo-jo (2-4-13 Higashimachi, Nishi-Tokyo City)


Dojo nameAikido Hayabusa Hoya dojo
RepresentativeSusumu Chida
Official sitehttp://hayabusahoya.web.fc2.com/

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