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This dojo is to revive and pass on the Hizen Hyoho Taisha-ryu Kenjutsu, which has been handed down in Saga Prefecture.
We have invited the headmaster Yamamoto of ” Hyoho Taisha-ryu Kenjutsu Dojo Yatsushiro Ryusen-kan” in Kumamoto, which is the main school of Taisha-ryu.

Training date and time / Location

Once a month, for two hours from 18:00 to 20:00, we will hold a practice session at the dojo located in Hizen Yume Kaido. Please contact us or check the website page below for the dates.


Dojo nameHizen Hyoho Taisha-ryu kenjutsu
RepresentativeTakahiro Yamamoto
Official sitehttps://hizentaisharyu.jimdo.com/

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