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We have been practicing Chikubujima-ryu bar-jutsu, which has been handed down for more than 800 years, in its old form.
After completely mastering Omote-no-Kata, the basic technique, students begin practicing other techniques.
Through repeated practice of the basic techniques, they pursue the spirit of budo and the sharpness of the techniques as bo-jutsu in which each kata is serious every step of the way.
To become a true disciple, a blood seal is required, and to obtain a diploma, it is determined by the number of practice and enthusiasm.

Training date and time / Location

Nagasaki Head Office: Every Saturday 18:00- at Haotengu Kaikan (in Omura City) Yamagata Branch: Every Friday, mainly at public facilities in Tsuruoka City Tokyo Branch: Saturdays and Sundays (irregular), mainly at public facilities in Kawasaki City Please contact the head office or branch office for details. Nagasaki Head Office: 0957-55-1686 Yamagata Branch: 0235-24-1676 Tokyo Branch: 090-3604-2404


Dojo nameChikubujima Bojutsu
Representative18th Soke Hirosumi Matsuura
Official sitehttp://chikubujimaryu.net/

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