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Our main purpose is to master “Seichushin-renma” and self-defense techniques of the Hida-shiki Kyoken-jutsu.
We teach you how to drastically improve in the shortest and fastest way from the viewpoint of perception gained from Seichushin-renma.
In order to improve efficiently, we practice using internal and external qi gong, rational body operation methods, Seichushin-renma, Chushin-ryoku self-defense, aikido, and strikes.
Participants are often surprised to hear such comments as, “I didn’t waste any time,” and “I wonder what I’ve been doing all these years…”

Training date and time / Location

Every Saturday and Sunday Location: Facilities in Minato-ku, MINASPO, Chuo-ku Sports Center, Shinjuku Sports Center, Time: Saturday (irregular), Sunday 12:30~14:30 For details, please refer to the schedule on the Bugei Juku website.


Dojo nameSeichushindo Bugei-juku
RepresentativeYuichi Midorikawa
Official sitehttps://www.bugeijuku.com/

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