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"A healthy fighter overpowers an unhealthy one." Vladimir Vasiliev Director of Toronto Systema

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The Russian martial art of Systema was founded by a Russian Special Forces officer and was once considered a military secret. Today, it is not only a martial art, but also an excellent conditioning method for the body and mind. In this DVD, renowned Systema instructor Takahide Kitagawa explains this method in detail.

The goal is to become capable for high physical and mental performance even in extreme situations and replace the physical and mental problems of “fear” and “pain” with the simple phenomenon of “tension”.

With the above in mind and using simple techniques like pushing and tapping and relaxation thought breathing, this method helps you get rid of all the tensions in your body and bring your body and mind to a healthy state of strength and clear thinking.

There are two ways to achieve this, alone and with a partner. In the former you perceive the changes in your own body and in the latter, you sense the changes in someone else’s body. By cultivating these two aspects in full, conditioning will eventually develop into a method of dealing with opponents i.e. a martial art.

This video of simple but effective mind and body conditioning is recommended to everyone who wants to:

・improve their autonomic nervous system and cardiovascular system.
・ overcome the accumulation of stress
・ develop a supple body and mind
・ learn how to avoid hurting themselves and others

Instruction, editorial supervision: Takahide Kitagawa
Certified as an instructor in 2008 in Moscow by the founder, Mikhail Ryabko, he conducts more than 400 classes a year, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. He has helped the dissemination of Systema through his books and his features in magazines, radio and television programs. In 2016 he also became a licensed conditioning instructor.

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