What is couple the hands of the offense and defense together shungeki "Meoto dei"

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What is couple the hands of the offense and defense together shungeki “Meoto dei”

No initiative to karate and karate is the same as water. Vessel only with water does not change change. Karate does not change about to change the type.
Okinawa Shorin-ryu to the type-operative management from a variety of martial arts experience has been combat in the United States learn
shungekishu Kazumasa Yokoyama is to describe the “Pinan no kata” as the type, decomposition and practical method.

– What is Pinan
– About hand movement and stances
– Using liver and kidney
– Pinan Sho-dan
– Pinan Ni-dan
– Pinan San-dan
– Pinan Yon-dan
– Pinan Go-dan
– Final message

Kazumasa Yokoyama
1958, born in Kanagawa prefecture. Familiar from childhood judo, kendo, to karate. Boxing is in high school, Happo Tourou ken cross through the wrestling to Taiwan, learn Chinese martial arts from Eishodo. Then, I hit the gates of Kobayashi-ryu to tell heavily flow of Shurite determine the direction of the self of martial arts in Okinawa karate. And the invitation of the Americans to the training period in Okinawa, thereafter, inaugurated activities Kenshin Kaikan in the United States Houston City. Famous as Shungekishu called a hand that can not be seen. Currently devote to self-study and activities of wearing one section to the leadership of the past.

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