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Lead-in exercises that will help you perfect Makko-ho, the “Ultimate Dynamic Stretch” system!

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Viewing time65 min.

Makko-ho has been widely used as a health practice to restore weakened bodily functions.

The amazing results of a system made up of “just four” exercises have received tremendous support from practitioners of martial arts and fighting sports.

The benefits of this dynamic stretching based on the main principles of “”raising and lowering the hip joints”” are not limited to the hip joints; in fact, there are also changes in the movement of the shoulder blades too.

This DVD is ideal for those who want to take Makko-ho a step forward, to further refine their movements or to find meaning in the stretches they have been doing casually.

Instruction, editorial supervision: Makko-ho Association Public-interest Corporation
Makko-ho Association is the only parent organization in Japan dedicated to the dissemination of Makko-ho. It was incorporated in 1969 and currently is licensed as a public-interest corporation. With members from all ages and genders throughout Japan, it has been spreading and teaching “”correct Makko-ho”” through workshops and lectures in various regions. Also, it has published the DVD “Makko-ho for Beginners” and the book “Change your movement with Makko-ho” with BAB Japan.

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