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The secret is in the kata!

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The secret is in the kata!

One of biggest Karate’s style and also presents Nahadei Gojuryu. Master Morio Higaonna is teaching the founder Master Chojun Miyagi’s technique and mind.

It introduces Sanchin the important style of Gojuryu and assistive movement which use equipments and also Kakie which make you best movements.

Vol. 1
Sanchin – Hojoundo, Sanchin, Kakie
Goju-ryu the most important type – centered on the “Sanchin”, body milling method using an instrument – “Hojoundo”, kumite in order to acquire Muchimi movement – introduce the “Kakie”

– Kongoken
(Turning, Hit the body, Throwing each other, Squat, Rotation, Pushups, Throwing each other left and right, Elevation)
(One hand back and forth, Left and right hand , One-handed rotation, One hand Giant Slalom, Butt, Hands various rotation, One hand various rotation)
– Tetsugeta (Knee lifting, Risers, Horizontal risers, Before kicking, Horizontal kick)
– Sanchin
Demonstration (First / Second), Attitude Unsokuho (First / Second)

Morihiro Higaonna
Born in Naha City in 1938. He studied under Yasukazu Miyagi who is the higher disciple of Chojyun Miyagi,the Founder of Gojyuryu. He is a chairperson of the International Okinawa Gojyuu Karatedo Federation (IOGKF) and is instructed in various countries around the world.

Chojun Miyagi (1888-1953)
Training the karate studied under Kanryo Higaonna, the Nahadei founder.
He started the four major one of the schools – the founder of Goju-ryu.He devoted himself to his studies, dissemination and development for a lifetime, and is named “Bushi” from his ability and personality.

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