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The most advanced Daito-ryu you can find here.
This DVD instructs you by the plainest explanation how to operate gravity center

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Master Masayuki AMANO, Shihan of Ishin-Kan Daito-ryu, who leraned Aiki-do and Daito-ryu from master Gozo SHIOTA and master Seigo OKAMOTO, instructs Aiki by the plainest explanation.This DVD provides a contents of the most developed Daito-ryu Aiki techniques which are easy to be mastered regardless of experience, age and physical power.

(1) Aiki Age and Sage, the Only One Basic Action of Aiki Techniques
(2) The Variations of the Basic Action
1) Collapse the opponent by Hira-Te,open hand
2) Collapse the opp.by Uchi-Te, reversal grasping
3) Collapse the opp.by fist
4) Collapse the opp. who grasps your arm by Moro-Te, with both hands
5) Application Techniques of Aiki

Supervised and Instructed by Masayuki AMANO
He has 5th Dan of Daito-ryu Aiki Jujutsu. He learned Aiki-do from master Gozo SHIOTA at Yoshin-Kan when he was despatched there by Keishi- Cho, Metropolitan Police Department. He now works as a Shihan of Aiki-do at Keishi Cho. Later he became a student of master Seigo OKAMOTO of Daito-ryu to study the origin of Daito-ryu. In 2016 he has established Ishin-Kan of Daito-ryu Aiki Jujutsu and has been working for the development and spreading of Daito-ryu. He is entitled 7th Dan Yoshin-Kan Aiki-do and 3rd Dan of Iai-do acknowledged by All Japan Ken-do Federation.

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