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We are a registered dojo of Aikikai.
We are studying and refining the techniques taught from late Sadao Takaoka shihan, who was pupil of the founder of Aikido in Wakayama.
In addition to practicing the forms of the techniques, we also practice to awaken the sense of receiving the power of the opponent.
First, the instructor applies a technique to the student, and then the student is replayed the sensation. The activation of the senses in this way is a characteristic of our practice.
It is a mysterious yet enjoyable practice that does not hurt but makes you fall down.

Training date and time / Location

We practice at either Hatsushiba Gymnasium or Kanaoka Park Gymnasium in Sakai City, Osaka on Saturdays or Sundays. (Please refer to our homepage).


Dojo nameSoyokaze Aiki no Michi
RepresentativeMasuo Shichiryosako
Official sitehttps://soyokaze7kunptms.wixsite.com/soyokazeaikinomiti

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