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Jisshinkan Aikido can be learned by all ages, genders, and experience. Everyone is able to do it at their own pace according to their age and fitness level.
Children start with etiquette such as greetings, replies, and posture to develop the spirit and habits of harmony.
The purpose of our association is not to compete with each other for victory, superiority, speed, or strength, but rather for the fulfillment of one’s life and personal growth.

Training date and time / Location

We have many dojo and classes in Yokohama, Konan-ku, Kanazawa-ku, Asahi-ku, Totsuka-ku and Naka-ku, as well as in Fujisawa-city, Kamakura-city, Chigasaki-city, Atsugi-city, Hadano-city and other cities. Please find a training place near you.


Dojo nameJissin-kan Aikido-kai
RepresentativeMinoru Murayama
Official sitehttp://www.j-nssk.jp/

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