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Shorinji Kempo is an ideal self-defense art that organically and rationally combines “Goho” of striking and kicking, and “Juho” of pulling out and joint-lock techniques. It is also a method of training for mind-body unity.
It is one of the leading doin with a large number of female and working adult.

Training date and time / Location

Every Tuesday and Friday Nakazaki-cho Hall, 1-6-8 Nakazakinishi, Kita-ku, Osaka ( Practice on days that overlap with national holidays as well) Details are listed on the practice day calendar on our website.


Dojo nameKongozen Sohonzan Shorinj Osaka-kita doin
RepresentativeHiroshi Hattori
Official sitehttps://www.eonet.ne.jp/~osaka-kitadouin/

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