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We aim to help students acquire mental and physical training and etiquette through karate in an easy-to-understand way.
We create practice menus that are tailored to all members. It can also be a way to lose weight and relieve stress.
We will teach you to grow together with us in a joyful atmosphere through our many approaches.

Training date and time / Location

Mihara Classroom Wednesday: 18:00 - 20:00 "Mihara Ward Cultural Hall Saturday: 18:00- 20:00 "Mihara-ku Sogo Gymnasium Suminoe Karate Circle Thursday: 18:00 - 20:30 "Suminoe Kosodate Plaza


Dojo nameShin-Budo Karate Rekken-kai Fukano dojo
RepresentativeFumihito Fukano
Official sitehttps://peraichi.com/landing_pages/view/hukanogym

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