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We are the one and only school that has inherited a specific style of toho (swordsmanship). This toho was handed down from one samurai family that ruled the Ryoso region, and was kept secret for a long time as Otome-ryu. We practice koryu karate, ken-jutsu, jo-jutsu, koryu iai, battou-jutsu, tai-do, etc. in a comprehensive way.

Soke is a budoka as well as one of Japan’s best-known tateshi (choreographer of Japanese historical drama).
We are open to those in the entertainment field as well. Students may study it as a performing skill which serves as a foundation for “Tate” and action. Through training in kobudo, we nurture talents who can express themselves realistically and beautifully, backed up by the principles of budo.

Training date and time / Location

Kuramae Dojo 4 minutes walk from JR/Subway Asakusabashi Station Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 10:30-12:30 Sunday 14:00-16:00 Tama Dojo (Higashi Nagayama Complex Gymnasium) 8 minutes walk from Odakyu/Keio Nagayama Station Thursday 9:30-11:30 There are no limitation on where you can practice or how many times you can practice. You can come to any of our dojo as many times a month as you like.


Dojo nameSogo Kobudo Seiden 12ki Shinto-ryu
RepresentativeEiji Takakura
Official sitehttps://kobudo12ki.wixsite.com/shinto-ryu

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