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I teach Seitai (Osteopathy), Seitai-like body manipulation techniques, and Akubi-shinan (Yawning exercises) .
1. Seitai (bodywork): Techniques for aligning the body and mind based on Noguchi Seitai and kobujutsu kappo.
2. Seitai-like Body Manipulation Techniques: I teach the ways of using the body that are essential for the improvement of bujutsu and performing arts. Some students have been able to use aiki simply by changing the posture of their standing.
3. Akubi-shinan: physical exercises based on Kaiki-ho method that let oneself be moved by the pleasure.

Training date and time / Location

Date and time: By appointment only, available at any time. Location: Private instruction is available at the head office or onsite (at your home, community center, etc.). Please contact us if you wish to receive instruction for group training.


Dojo nameYokohama Osteopathy Study Group
RepresentativeTakashi Abe
Official sitehttp://yokohamaseitai.web.fc2.com/

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