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Aikido Odo Shinbu-kai Tokyo Branch Dojo is an aikido dojo that practices at Shinjuku Sports Center and other facilities around Takadanobaba.

Our dojo specializes in training “Kokyu-ryoku”, breathing power. Kokyu-ryoku is a unique way of using force in Aikido.

Kokyu-ryoku is created by relaxing one’s strength, harmonizing with the opponent, and creating a connection.

It is a lifelong budo that can be practiced by people of all ages and both genders, as it does not require arm strength.
Through the practice of Taisabaki, Waza, and Ukemi, students will improve their posture, strengthen their torso, and refine their body and mind.

Training date and time / Location

Location: Shinjuku Sports Center, facilities in Shinjuku City, etc. Practice Dates: Currently, we can arrange any day of the week and time according to the convenience of our members. Please contact us for details.


Dojo nameAikido Odo jinmu-kan Tokyo branch dojo
RepresentativeTakayuki Katayama
Official sitehttps://odojinmukai.com/tokyo

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