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Jikiden Shin Aiki Jujutsu is a genuine aiki that uses the power of invisible and mysterious qi to control the opponent. It is different from kata and mechanical principles of leverage.
What we will teach is the Aiki Revolution for children and adults who want to strengthen themselves and become the only one, not the number one. We will teach you how to do it.

Training date and time / Location

Every Monday through Sunday 1.5 hours per piece (by appointment only) One-on-one training is available, but if you wish, we can also offer training for two people. Location: In Suzuki Chiropractic http://www.suzukichiropractice.jp/info.html


Dojo nameShin Aiki Jujutsu
RepresentativeNobuyuki Suzuki
Official sitehttp://www.suzukichiropractice.jp/info.html

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