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Our karate kobudo dojo is also a karate museum.
This museum was founded on January 11, 1987, and was the first of its kind in the world.
In addition to karate courses, visitors can take a guided tour of historical sites and trial karate kobudo (for a special fee). Also, we have other karate books, videos, etc.
Aphorisms about karate are written in calligraphy on board, paper, and hanging scrolls, which are available for those who wish to have them for a fee.

Training date and time / Location

Tuesday and Saturday 18:00-22:00, Sunday morning and afternoon (three times a week, daily with reservations), karate museum tours and visits to historical sites (always with reservations).


Dojo nameOkinawa Goju-ryu Kenshi-kai Karatedo Kobudo Sohonbu
RepresentativeTetsuhiro Hokama

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