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The bujutsu techniques that anyone who wishes can experience, feel, and master are called “Buzen Meishin-ho” and are practiced.
The class is designed for urban combat, so feel free to wear sportswear and indoor shoes.
This class is also recommended for those who are interested in budo and self-defense but are not comfortable with hard work, or for those who are not confident in their muscular strength and physique.

Training date and time / Location

Wednesday-Friday 0-2 times Determined by the beginning of each month Numakuma Sports Center Multipurpose Hall 18 Oaza-Nakayama Minami, Numakuma-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture Subject to change


Dojo nameBuzen Meishin-ho Bujutsu club Zenmei-kai
Official sitehttps://zenmeikai.simdif.com

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