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We do not call it aikido. Our basic concept is to work on the consciousness and break down the opponent by using the little bit of force that comes out of the inside of the body. We have not yet reached perfection, but through practice and friendly rivalry, we are on our way to becoming masters.
Why don’t you come and knock on the door of our dojo?
We are waiting for you.
We are open to students from elementary school to 80 years old, both genders.
We can teach online, so if two or more people can practice together, we will accept foreign students.

Training date and time / Location

Every week Monday (10-12 a.m.), Wednesday (7-9 p.m.), Saturday (10-12 a.m.) Reserve day Sun (10-12 a.m.), Thu (7-9 p.m.), Sun (10-12 a.m.) Shihan's house in D warehouse 270-2 Koizumi, Kitami-shi or Kitami Budokan, 27 Toryo-cho, Kitami-shi


Dojo nameAiki-jutsu Yawaragi dojo
RepresentativeHiroyuki Uematsu

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