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– Basic move: Junzuki, Gyakuzuki, Sonoba zuki, Tsuki
– Tobikomi zuki
– Basic Kata: Pinan shodan, Pinan nidan, Seishan, Bassai, Wanshu, Rouhai, Jutte
– Basic Kumite
– Idori
– Tantodori
– Kotegaeshi, Udedori, Ikuguri

1. Master OTSUKA Hironori (1st Soke)
He was born in 1892.Since his early childhood, he studied Jujutsu. In 1910 he entered Waseda univercity and continued further Jujutsu training. In 1921 he got a certificate of Menkyo Kaiden (mastered whole system) of Shindo Yoshin-ryu Jujutsu and succeeded that Ryu as the 4th Soke. Later he studied Karate which was introduced from Okinawa and by consolidating its good points to Jujutsu he established Wado-ryu.

2. Master OTSUKA Hironori (2nd Soke, the exective Shihan)
He was born in 1934. When he was 15 years old he started learning Karate from his father, 1st Soke OTSUKA Hironori. Later he continued teaching activity in dozens of countries out of Japan. In 1981 he successed Wado-ryu and became its 2nd Soke. He has been continuing his effort to promote Wado-ryu to all over the world.

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