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This video shows how to train the hitting and grappling techniques which realize explosive power.

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SHUTETSU, this training association has been recognized for its unique hitting way with explosive power. Everybody who watched it got a strong impression. By this DVD, master Masashi FUJIWARA, representative of SHUTETSU, explains its unique training and body operation way by clear demonstrations.

1) The Basic Two Points of SHUTESU which Create Explosive Power
(1) Putting Sacrum Forward
(2) Setting Body Center Line Straight Upward
2) Feel Explosive Power
3) Train Explosive Power
4) Application of SHUTETSU’s Posturing … by the Use of Tightening Elbows

Instructed and Supervised by Masashi FUJIWARA
Master FUJIWARA started his Budo career by full contact Karate. Then he learned Boxing, Okinawan Karate etc. During his training years he has noticed the limit of the ordinary weight training and has started researching his own training way. In 2020 he established SHUTETSU Karate association which aims to attain the explosive powerful techniques. After, he has changed the name of this organization as just SHUTETSU by that he intends not sticking to the styles but just researching his tasks freely and widely. He also offers his instruction to the people of any styles and organizations.

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