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Tips on how to improve from an instructor
who has attracted the attention of aikido practitioners all over the world!

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SubtitlesEnglish and French

Aikido techniques are round, soft and beautiful and flow without colliding with the opponent.

These techniques are born from the unique way of moving the body (irimi/tenkan) and the power called “breathing power. In this video, you will learn and master the essence of these techniques through the theme of “soft movement and kuzushi”.

With more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, Shirakawa sensei is attracting attention from aikido practitioners around the world.

Here he has carefully selected “14 Movements and Techniques” that can be used to grasp the characteristics of aikido. Through these movements and techniques he explains use of the feet (ashi-sabaki), hands (te-sabaki) and body (tai-sabaki) in a concise way.

Shirakawa sensei has been praised for the thoroughness of his teaching style and for his clear explanations that make easy to imitate what he does right away.

If you want to

・practice smooth, beautiful aikido
・learn how to use your body in a martial way
・learn how to use your body efficiently balancing your strengths and weaknesses

you definitely need to watch this video!

Teaching/supervision: Ryuji Shirakawa, 6th dan Aikikai

The brilliant techniques he demonstrated as a member of Japan’s delegation in the 2013 World Combat Games have attracted the attention of many enthusiasts in Japan and abroad gaining him over 100,000 followers on Instagram. He is currently head of the Aikido Shinburenseijuku Dojo and every year he is invited by more than 10 countries to teach overseas.

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