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Shito-ryu Karate’s secret: Hakutsuru-ken (White Crane)
Pliable but extremely dangerous: open-hand strikes and bent wrist blocks!

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Shito-ryu founder Kenwa Mabuni learned Hakutsuru-ken, White Crane Kung-fu from Wu Xianhui (Go-Kenki). Shito-ryu’s Hakutsuru-ken kata have been handed down as separate parts only to high-ranking practitioners of 6-dan and above.

The previous video of this series, presents “Hakutsuru-no-Kata,” which can be thought of as the basis of Hakutsuru-ken. In this video, we will introduce five more kata, which include the “Crane Stance” that became famous from the movie “Karate Kid”.

Toshihisha Sofue Shihan, a long-time instructor of Shito-ryu, presents in detail the Buknai of these kata, which are performed with the grace of a swan playing with a flock of cranes.

Hakutsuru-ken is the driving force behind what we could call the “transcendent movement” of this karate master who is hard to believe is is 80 years old. In this video he delves into “Yantsu,” “Paporen Kokyuho (breathing technique),” “Paporen”, “Kakuho Sho” and “Kakuho Dai.

Paporen Kokyuho
Kakuho (Kakufa) Sho
Kakuho (Kakufa) Dai

Instruction and supervision by Toshihisa Sofue, representative director of All Japan Shito-ryu Institute Shinbukan.

Born in 1942, Sofue Shihan started his career in 1966 as a biology teacher at Teikyo High School and has been an advisor tohe karate and iaido clubs for 40 years. In 2005, he learned 20 different forms of Hakutsuru-kenpo from various masters in the Shito-ryu tradition and founded the Hakutsuru-kenpo Kenkyukai. Currently, he leads the Japan Karate-do Shito-ryu Kenbukai Shinbukan, where he teaches karate and kobudo to younger students. He holds the titles of Hanshi 8th Dan of Shito-ryu Karate-do, Tasshi 9th Dan of the Shinbukan Institute, 6th Dan of JKA, Hanshi 8th Dan of the All Japan Ryukyu Kobudo Union and Kaiden Shihan of Takeda-ryu Nakamura-ha. He has published the video titled “Fighting Aiki” and “Fighting Kobujutsu” released by BAB Japan Corp.

With the cooperation of Gentaro Sofue, vice-representative director of All Japan Shito-ryu Institute Shinbukan, and Takamitsu Yoshikawa, shihan of Shorin-ryu Karate Doshinkan.

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