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Learn Haku Tsuru Ken which could be taught only to the higher Dan experts in Shito-ryu.

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In the early Qing dynasty of China, Haku Tsuru Ken was created by a beautiful girl named Fang Qiniang by the combination of the crane movement and Kempo which she learned from her father. The Kata Haku Tsuru Ken is considered one of the origins of Karate’s Kata. In this video, master Toshihisa SOFUE, who has been learning and teaching Shito-ryu Karate for a long time, explains in detail the Kata and Bunkai of Haku Tsuru Ken that has been transferred only in Shito-ryu. It enables master SOFUE his astonishing movement which cannot be expected for a man aged 80 years that he attained speedy body movement by training Haku Tsuru Ken for many years. By this DVD you will learn the Kata “Haffah”, “Swan Small”, “Swan Large” , and “Swan” as the basics of Haku Tsuru Ken.

Instructed and Supervised by Toshihisa SOFUE, The Representative of Shinbu-kan, All Japan Shito-ryu Institute
He was born in 1942. In the year 1966 he had started his carrier as a science teacher at Teikyo high school. Since then he taught Karate-do and Iai-do to the students in that scholl for 40 years. In 2005 he learned 20 kinds of Haku Tsuru Ken transferred in Shito-ryu from several Karate masters and he established Haku Tsuru Kempo Institute. Now as the representative of Shinbu-kan, All Japan Shito-ryu Institute, he is teaching mainly Karate and Kobudo to his students. He is entitled as the Hanshi 8th Dan of Shito-ryu Karate-do, Tasshi 9th Dan of the Institute, 6th Dan of Zen-Ku-Ren, Hanshi 8th Dan of All Japan Ryukyu Kobudo Union, Kaiden Shihan Nakamura-ha of Takeda-ryu. He has published video titled “Combatting Aiki and Kobudo, volume 1 and 2” released by BAB Japan Corp.

Cooperated by Gentaro SOFUE, vice representative of Shinbu-kan, All Japan Shito-ryu Institute, and Takamitsu YOSHIKAWA, Soushi of Doshin-kan, Shorin-ryu Karate-do

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