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Locate back ones consciousness to the center
by "Inducting to the Center" which creates a potential power.
This Shin-Po Aiki creates such power which exceeds the limitation of physical body operation.

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Master Futoshi SHIRAISHI of Aiki-do Mugen-Juku has attracted public attention by introducing his techniques where the opponent is naturally pulled towards him to unballance oneself. The essence of that techniques titled as “Inducting to the Center”, he explains on this DVD in detail. That Aiki Technique is applicable to hit the opponent from the distance and to unbalannce him in close contact. This is an epoque making DVD where the methods of those miracle techniques are opened to the public.

Wording of I.P.,Inducting to the Center Become Effective at the instance of touching
I.P. by Relaxing
I.P. as a Method of Aiki
I.P. to Realize Irimi
I.P. to Make Hitting Invisible
I.P. to Operate Body and Image
I.P. is Momentary Meditation

Instructed and supervised by Futoshi SHIRAISHI.
He learned Aiki-do from master Shinjuro NARITA, Sou Shihan of Korindo Aiki-do which was established by master Minoru HIRAI as a comprehensive martial arts recoginized by Dai Nippon Butoku Kai. Master SHIRAISHI has studied Aiki-do in the aspect of psychology and cerebral science. During his research work he had noticed “How consciousness should be” which is applicable not only to Budo but to body care methods such as manipulative treatment. In 2015 he established Aiki-do Mugen-Juku to disseminate this concept and to promote its practice. In 2017 he has started public seminar for the further promotion.

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