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Experience Body of Bujutsu
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Deepness of Bujutsu

A Dream Collaboration of the Two Big Stars in Bujutsu/Budo

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Karate Shihan Tatsuya NAKA, who earnestly pursues the path of Bujutsu, pays a big respect to Koryu Bujutsuka Tetsuzan KURODA who changed the view of Bujutsu of NAKA Shihan.

Here, under the guidance of KURODA Shihan himself, NAKA Shihan experiences the KURODA method of training devised by KURODA Shihan. This training method is called as “playing pranctice” which focuses on the key points extracted from the Kata.

1st Edition: Jujutsu
Here they practice representative KURODA theory (Juntai, Musoku no Hou), starting with [Moving Behind Without Moving the Center of Body Weight], total 7 Jujutsu Playing Practices are carefully reacorded on this DVD.

Explanation of KURODA Theory
Moving Behind Without Moving the Center of Body Weight 1. Left Foot 2. Right Foot 3. Pulling Out Right Foot
Dropping chest 1.Forward 2. Backward
Up and Down and Open and Close of Chest
Keep a Sensation of Touch-or-not-Touch
One Tempo Motion of Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist
Eliminate Indication of Movement and Thoughts
Throwing of Body Motion against Cutting Attack “Yon no MI”

Supervised/instructed by Tetzuzan KURODA, the 15th Souke of Shinbu Kan From his father (Shigeki) and grand Father (taiji) He had learned 5 Koryu Bujutsu which had been handed down in his family. In 1970 when he was 20 years old, he received a title of 8th Dan of Kobudo Hanshi from DNBK. Under the concept that Kata is not a template for actual battles,he continued his practice of Kata as a quest for the proper body for Bujutsu. He practices and teachs methodology of the techniques which denies use of strength,transfered from old days. He rceives a high assessment in Bujutsu society.

Performed by Tatsuya NAKA, Shihan 7th Dan of General Head Quarter of Japan Karate Association He started learning Wado Ryu Karate when he was 13 years old.He graduated Meguro high school and entered Takushoku university where he belonged Karae club and achieved a lot of high prizes.In 1989 he became a instructor of the general head quarter of Japan Karate Assosiation and he won the 35th all Japan competition at individual Kumite competition. Besides,he also appeared in the movie titled “KURO OBI” written by Fuyuhiko NISHI. He is active in different fields and attracting a lot of attention. He presides over the Taishi Juku Karate Association as a place for self-training not only for young people but also for adults.

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