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The ultimate practical swordsmanship born from the pursuit of rationality.

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For the sword to be lightning fast, mind, spirit and power must be unified (Chiba Shusaku)

Hokushin Itto-ryu is a major kenjutsu school that produced many influential Meiji Restoration figures including Tesshu Yamaoka and Sakamoto Ryoma; having 3,600 students it took the Bakumatsu period (late 19th century) Edo, by storm.

Chiba Shusaku, the school’s founder, using a very rational approach converted previously secret underlying principles into simple movements and created a highly practical swordsmanship.

Gokyo no Kata, 5
Kodachi, 5
Shoden, Suwariwaza, 6, Tachiwaza 6
Chuden, Kobayashi-ha, Suwariwaza, 3, Tachiwaza, 3
Chuden, Michisaburo-ha, Suwariwaza, 3, Tachiwaza, 3
Okuden, Suwariwaza, 3, Tachiwaza, 3
◎Shinai Kenjutsu (Old-style kendo)   
Kiriotoshi, Ojigaeshi, Tenouchi, Konohaotoshi
◎Naginata, 3

Translation: Grigoris Miliaresis

Instruction, editorial supervision: Konishi Shinen Kazuyuki
Born in 1963, he is the 6th generation headmaster of Hokushin Itto-ryu. He started practicing under his father the 5th generation headmaster, Shigejiro Nariyuki when he was a child and after his father’s death, he became the next headmaster of Genbukan. His aim is to preserve Hokushin Itto-ryu, foster skillful individuals who can contribute to society based on the philosophy of Katsujinken, the Life-Giving Sowrd and further expand Genbukan.
He is the author of the DVD “Hokushin Itto Ryu Kenjutsu Genbukan” (BAB Japan).

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