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Shuriken isn’t only about throwing! Learn the real shuriken-jutsu!

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An amazing and practical weapons’ art that overturns the commonly held image of “shuriken”!

Throw them when fighting at a long range and use them together with jujutsu at a close range, to minimize the opponent’s attack force.

An extraordinary yet rational system based on the premises of real fighting, with all the unnecessary movements edited out; truly a martial art that can be used as is in a contemporary environment!

Kizaki Katsuhiko
Second soke (headmaster) of Waden-ryu Shuriken-jutsu, third soke of Yamai-ryu Jujutsu Kempo. Born into a “martial” family, with his great-grandfather a Meiji-era police officer his great-uncle an army officer, he started practicing martial arts with his grandfather and father from an early age. From the age of 10, practiced karate very diligently but as he grew older and started having doubts about modern martial arts he turned to the study of kobujutsu (classical martial arts). He practiced Hakko-ryu Jujutsu reaching the level of kaiden-shihan and Waden-ryu Shurikendo and Yamai-ryu Jujutsu Kenpo under soke Isao Tsuruta. In 2012, he received a menkyo kaiden license and was nominated as the next soke. His book “Iten Zen Shuchu! Shuriken Jutsu de Kaigan” (“Complete Concentration! True Insights Through Shuriken” is available from BAB Japan.
Teaching assistance: Markus Fischer (assistant to the soke, shihan)
Filming assistance: Hiroshi Jinkawa (Chairman of Yajin-ryu Ninjutsu “Ya-Nin”)

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